The OIRD (International Organization for success and development) is a pluralistic organization active in promoting strategies aimed at young people. The different missions of the organisation are part of a global movement of cultural and educational exchanges. The OIRD is committed to offering youngsters solutions and strategies to give them a better future. It develops cutting-edge programmes focused on discovery, sustainable development and cultural exchanges at a local or international level.
Projects and actions within the OIRD are designed in total independance while respecting individual differences and freedoms. The organization is setting up several operational development poles aimed at motivating and boosting young people. It ensures to give them confidence in their potential and skills which is essential to any successful momentum. OIRD actions give young people hope and self-confidence in order to give their best in any project.
The organization is committed to giving young people information, advice and useful tools during their studies and their professional life. The OIRD supports cultural initiatives in active citizenship and promotes young talent by offering them maximum visibility to the public and to the institutions as well. The strength of the organization lies in a good command of tools to fight against social exclusion implemented by a dynamic team of professionals. Every set of actions is coordinated by well-trained colleagues in tune with the realities of today’s world and experienced in helping youth and in fighting school failure.
The organization has means of direct action on the field and enjoys the trust of numerous school directions, various support services to youth as well as institutional bodies. The OIRD also works with outstanding nongovernmental organizations famous for their projects in education and development.
The OIRD spirit is to generate every possible synergy between youth and active social life. It works to arouse vocations and to develop practical and active processes among young people for building a better future.