« One Star, one DESTINY » PROGRAM High school dropout prevention program and fight against academic failure “One star One destiny” has been set up and developed by Mister Nader Rekik in special collaboration with Serge Creuz High School, the French Community of Belgium and Molenbeek Saint-Jean, district of Brussels-Capital region. Across the years, together with Serge Creuz High School, Mister Rekik has developed an expertise and work dynamics for the management of school dropout and student demotivation, often synonymous of social failure. In collaboration with external personalities, the ‘One star One Destiny’ team cures a major scourge : academic failure and youth demotivation. Some personalities are public leading lights and have a major impact on future generations. To many young people, these personalities are role models by their function and their actions. Meeting a personality or a celebrity helps young people catalyzing their urge to succeed, and also influences considerably their whole life. ‘One star, One destiny’ is a high school dropout prevention and societal remotivation program aimed at giving young people hope, and most of all the desire to excel themselves to achieve their wildest dreams of success. In the framework of the program, a lot of outstanding personalities are welcomed by our warm-hearted community for short conferences or lectures with our students aged between 15 and 20. The “One star One destiny” team has been working for years using a strategy aimed at inspiring students and developing their sense of citizenship and their motivation towards school. We want to give our students a real context of learning open to the modern world, and we make our best so that they can be involved in the process of social, environmental, cultural and human projects. Thanks to some “magic” meetings, “One star One Destiny” can help and have a positive impact on the future of many of young people coming from economically and socially vulnerable communities. Most of them were born in Belgium, but they are generally part of ethnic minorities that come from Northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria), Eastern and Central Africa, some countries of Eastern Europe, and some other countries around the world. With the passing years and after various experiences and meetings, we have noticed that the students taking part in “One star One Destiny” have a totally different behavior towards school work. Enhancing our students through impressive meetings and alternative activities helps them understand the importance of education and school, which are essential steps to becoming adults and citizens. STAFF Coordination Elise Rousse Préparateur élèves Stéphanie Pecoraro David Dhondt Rosetta Capetta Céline Vanderbecq Elise Rousse Nader Rekik Vilmer Diberardino Présentateurs & modérateurs débats Stéphanie Pecoraro FRENCH VIPS David Dhondt FRENCH VIPS Rosetta Capetta FRENCH VIPS Elise Rousse ENGLISH VIPS SPANICH VIPS Vilmer Diberardino ENGLISH VIPS