PROJECT 1 Creation and launching of a registered label and logo called ‘Union water’ (with biodegradable packaging). In the framework of a project which would set up a non-profit body to implement the packaging, export and supply of drinkable water to be used in emergency actions at an international level. This project has no commercial goal! It is only designed for humanitarian purpose and for urgent aid before the setting up of proper supply structures of water. AREAS OF ACTION Refugee camps due to armed conflicts or forced movement of people. Areas of the globe stricken by national disasters. Areas hit by starvation Regions suffering from drought PURPOSE While waiting for the setting up of efficient and long-lasting structures of water supply, millions of people suffer and die of thirst. The aim of ‘Union water’ is to become the reference in emergency actions which would provide drinkable tap water, properly packaged in order to meet the primary needs of any human being in danger of death. The implementation of ‘Union water’ facilities will be financed through a coopearation fund raised by citizens. PROJECT 2 Reduce overconsumption in developed countries. Drafting a bill on the overconsumption of water and only on overconsumption! No need to put at a disadvantage citizens who already care about preserving and saving water.Raising a cooperation fund will finance the development of long-term projects as well as the body that would supply the Union water. In case of overconsumption, a tiny tax would be added to the bill of each household so that anyone would care about the managing of water inside the house and would avoid any waste.The tax rate on domestic overconsumption has to be determined with public authorities and supply companies after a series of calcultions and surveys about what is overconsumption. A maximum considered as reasonable and affordable for each household will be assessed. The households may overuse as much water as desired but will have to accept this tiny financial contribution on overconsumption.Thanks to the project, we will be able to reinforce this cooperation fund and to limit waste and bad managing of this valuable resource which is no doubt a real issue for the survival and continuity of mankind. This project is put forward at regional, national, European and world levels. PROJECT 3 Goal : Heighten public awareness on this cause : ‘Poverty and suffering caused by water shortage in some regions of the world’ Recording of a first audio material already achieved. Waiting for financial support in order to proceed to professional recording.