JOSHUA ALO World Music

Joshua grew up as an island boy in Hawaii strumming ukulele and guitar and at the age of 18 began traveling the world as a member of the U.S. Air Force. In 2007, Joshua traveled to Italy and recorded his debut album Answer Your Calling, which received rave reviews from even the harshest reggae and world music critics and gained him increased exposure worldwide.

With his guitar strapped to his back, Joshua singlehandedly brought his message of Spiritual Hawaiian Roots Reggae to and throughout the Middle East. In 2008, Joshua completed his time in the service and returned to his home island and was enthusiastically received by fans as he delivered captivating and powerful performances. The media warmly welcomed him with front page exposure and appearances on radio and TV shows including Hawaii’s leading news channel, KHON.

Ever the world traveler, Joshua is currently living in Europe and continues to spread Hawaiian Roots Reggae outside of the U.S . Now with the completion of his explosive new album “Orchid Unknown”, his new music is already beginning to shake the world of reggae and is receiving regular airplay in Hawaii, Continental U.S, Guam, South America, Europe and West Africa. Joshua is also beginning to share the stage with some of Europe’s most popular reggae bands.

“…Not only can this humble Hawaiian man record great music, his on stage performances are charismatic and inspiring. Joshua Alo is just getting started” (Maui Times)